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Nemizzo is a producer/artist/sound engineer based in Montpellier, France. Starting of in the 90’s, and inspired by a multicultural upbringing, Nemizzo began his journey in the music world. Unified with a wide range of productions, you will find The “Vibe Man” rapping or singing on various productions. Eclectic and experimental, mixing southern trap bass, with worldwide melodies and energy. Nemizzo’s first installment “Home Made” , is proof that dreams and ambitions are created and started home. Depicting a lifetime dedication to music. Focused on creating vibes and catchy hooks, sharing his views and experiences on ambition, motivation, relationships, money, faith, love & general outlook on life. A multifaceted independent artist, Nemizzo’s music is self-produced and mixed. His inspirations are varied, having many favorites in all ages of hip hop


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