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Grow your entire channel by sharing an ad budget across all your videos.


MSP believes you should be promoting your music 24/7. Old and new songs alike! With over 2.5 billion users on the YouTube, there are literally BILLIONS of people you could still be reaching. Why not share it with them and turn them into subscribers too?


  • 8,000 - 10,000 highly targeted views across your YouTube channel 
  • Discover your best songs using the YouTube algorithm
  • Promote your up to 10 of your latest music videos with a shared budget
  • 100% organic views
  • Monthly report



What if I have less than 10 videos?

That is even better! The less videos you have, the more attention each video gets.


Can I update/change/add/remove videos?

You sure can! Just contact support and we shall work with you to make any needed adjustments.

Level 1 YouTube Channel Booster (8k - 10k Views Monthly)

Price Options
Monthly Subscription
$200.00every month until canceled
  • Get ready to take YouTube by storm.

    MSP delivers 100% organic YouTube promotion through Google ads to get you more subscribers, comments, and likes on your videos.

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